2019 scholarship recipients

Staff Scholarships
Eastern Health
$1,000 scholarships for Eastern Health employees
Recipient Program
Selina Bemister Surgery
Aimee Bennett Mental Health and Addictions
Shianne Combden Population and Public Health Program
Teri Costello
Intensive Care Unit
Michelle Crewe
Sara Elliott
Nursing Long Term Care Program
Crystal Hickey Children and Women’s Health
Ashley Moore
Janeway, Children’s Health and Rehabilitation Centre
Sonya Nolan Clinical Nutrition
Alexandria Pardy
Medical Imaging
Sarah Power
Mental Health and Addictions
Mary Williams-Fewer
Mental Health and Addictions
Health Care Foundation
$2,000 scholarships for employees working in the St. John’s Hospitals
Recipient Program
Katie Brazil
Jaime Gardiner Emergency
Kari Jenkins
Stacey Parsons Emergency
Megan Snow
St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital Auxiliary
$1,000 scholarship for employees working at the St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital
Recipient Program
Erica Whelan Emergency
General Hospital Sports and Social Club
$1000 scholarship for employees who are members of this club
Recipient Field of Study
Lori Manuel Professional Practice
Janeway Children’s Health and Rehabilitation Centre Auxiliary
$750 scholarship for employees working at the Janeway Children’s Health and Rehabilitation Centre
Recipient Program
Michelle MacKenzie Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Scholarships for Dependants of Staff
2019 Dependants of Staff Scholarship Recipients
Eastern Health
$500 scholarships for all dependants of Eastern Health
Dependant Parent
Bashar Aziz
Dr. Mohammed Aziz
Robyn Culleton
Kelly Culleton
Justin Drover
Novalee Coates-Drover
Sydney Groves Lisa Groves
Elizabeth Johnson
Philip Johnson
Emily Parsons
Melanie P. Parsons
Leah Peddle Lana Peddle
Victoria Samson
Kimberly Samson
Madison Squires
David/Deanne Squires
Reanna St. Croix
Keith St. Croix
Madison Walsh Connie/Craig Walsh
Jenna White Trevor White
Sister Mary Fabian Hennebury
$1000 scholarship for dependants of staff working at the St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital
Dependant Parent
Cameron Kinsella Ann Kinsella
General Hospital Sports and Social Club
$500 scholarship for dependants of staff who are members of this club
Dependant Parent
Katrina-Lynn Picco Lisa Picco
Quality Healthcare Scholarship Recipients
2019 Quality Healthcare Scholarship Recipients
Eastern Health
$6,500 scholarship for eligible post-secondary students
Recipient Field of Study
Samantha Glover Ms. Glover is a registered nurse with the Perioperative Program at the Janeway Health and Rehabilitation Centre and is currently enrolled in the Master of Nursing Program with Memorial University. Her research involves investigating the lived experiences of parents with autistic children; recommending enhancements to the perioperative department to support their care; and developing an educational module for staff.
Sophie Wells Ms. Wells is a second-year student in the Master of Health Ethics Program at Memorial University. Her studies will aid in the research of employee conscientious refusals in health care with respect to refusal of treatment which would violate the moral convictions of health-care workers. She plans to develop a workshop or webinar to teach health-care staff and medical students about the moral complexities of conscientious refusals.
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Last updated: 2021-08-22