2018 Scholarship recipients

Staff Scholarships
Eastern Health
$1,000 scholarships for Eastern Health employees
Recipient Program
Amanda Dimmer Support Services
Megan Eason-Cook Respiratory Therapy, Critical Care
Anita Forward Population & Public Health, Health Promotion
Samantha Glover Perioperative Department
Jessica Guy Pharmacy
Krista Lawrence Medicine
Stephanie Marshall Surgery
Sarah Messervey Rehabilitation, Janeway
Claire Penton Nursing
Leslie St. Croix
Susan White Cervical Screening Initiative Program
Stephanie Wold
Mental Health and Addictions
Health Care Foundation
$2,000 scholarships for employees working in the St. John’s Hospitals
Recipient Program
Stephanie Christopher Mental Health & Addictions
Ashley Hunt Critical Care
Jalene Molloy Infection Protection & Control
Gillian Redmond Mental Health & Addictions
Peggy Sheppard Learning and Development
St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital Auxiliary
$1,000 scholarship for employees working at the St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital
Recipient Program
Shelly Blackwood Nursing
General Hospital Sports and Social Club
$1000 scholarship for employees who are members of this club
Recipient Field of Study
Michelle Best Perioperative Program
Janeway Children’s Health and Rehabilitation Centre Auxiliary
$750 scholarship for employees working at the Janeway Children’s Health and Rehabilitation Centre
Recipient Program
Heather Slaney Pharmacy
Scholarships for Dependants of Staff
2018 Dependants of Staff Scholarship Recipients
Eastern Health
$500 scholarships for all dependants of Eastern Health
Dependant Parent
Kurtis Collins Tammy Collins
Megan George Dean George
Heather Hutchens Dale Hutchens
Emma Jacobs Stephanie Jacobs
Nathan Mullins
Pamela Mullins
Emily Parsons
Melanie P. Parsons
Victoria Pike Bonnie Tobin
Joshua Pittman
Phillip Pittman
Nathan Pitts
Sharon Anthony-Pitts
Jenna Power
John Power / Rose-Mary Walsh-Power
Liam Shea David Shea
Kelsey Stanford Tina Stanford
Timothy Stone Beverley Stone
Sister Mary Fabian Hennebury
$1000 scholarship for dependants of staff working at the St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital
Dependant Parent
Madison Walsh Amanda Whalen
General Hospital Sports and Social Club
$500 scholarship for dependants of staff who are members of this club
Dependant Parent
Lauren Pearcey Donna Pearcey
Quality Healthcare Scholarship Recipients
2018 Quality Healthcare Scholarship Recipients
Eastern Health
$6,500 scholarship for eligible post-secondary students
Recipient Field of Study
Janine Elliott Janine is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in the long-term care program and is currently enrolled in the Master of Health Ethics at Memorial University. She has particular passion concerning the ethical care in the older adult population, as well as at risk and homeless youth. She believes that her current education will contribute to the ethical lens to our patient care practices, particularly those that relate to the older adult to enhance the organizations values
Janelle Skeard Janelle is a Master of Health Ethics student in the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University. She is researching the ethical issues that arise in organ donation and genetic research in hopes to make a direct contribution to improving health care in our province by providing new information to policy and decision-makers.
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Last updated: 2021-08-22