Client rights and responsibilities

As our clients, patients and residents you have the right to:

High quality care

  • Be cared for in a safe environment;
  • Receive the best care that our available resources can provide;
  • Receive sensitive care that respects diversity including age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, body size, physical and mental ability, health status, life style, faith group affiliation, education, income and housing status, immigration or refugee status, marital and parental status, and degree of geographic isolation, as well as ethnicity, language and culture;

Understand and participate actively in your care

  • Receive information and ask questions;
  • Discuss options for care in terms and language that you can understand;
  • Know the names and roles of those involved in your care and be informed when a student or trainee is participating in your care;
  • Refuse care from any health-care provider;
  • Express concerns to your health-care provider without fear of affecting your care;

Timely information that affects you

  • Be informed about and assisted to access the complaints process for Eastern Health;
  • Be informed if unexpected and serious events occur as a result of care;
  • Be informed of any financial costs to you.


  • Have your personal health information protected and treated appropriately;

We also ask you,  to the extent of your ability, to:

Show respect

  • Respect the rights, safety and privacy of others;
  • Treat others with respect, dignity, and courtesy;
  • Respect diversity within our health care professionals, staff and clients;

Communicate clearly

  • Provide accurate information;
  • Identify your needs and bring concerns to staff;
  • Ask questions if the information given is unclear;

Work with us to deliver high quality care 

  • Actively participate in your care and discharge planning;
  • Cooperate with using the health services best matched to meet your needs;
  • Consider carefully the consequences of consenting to or refusing treatment;
  • Keep appointments, or notify in advance if unable to do so

At Eastern Health, we believe that by working in partnership with our clients, patients and residents, we can reach our common goal of high quality, accessible, safe and sustainable health care.

Together, we share rights and responsibilities.
Together, we establish a relationship of trust.
Together, we can achieve our goal.

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Last updated: 2021-07-06