Preparing for Hospital

Documents you will need

  • Hospital card (this card will be given to you in admitting if you do not have one)
  • MCP card (if you don’t have a hospital card)
  • Picture I.D. (children don’t need a picture I.D.)
  • Health insurance card (if applicable)
  • A valid credit card or personal cheques
  • Doctor’s referrals or test results (if applicable)
  • Prescribed medications in original pharmacy containers


If you are not a Canadian citizen, please bring your:

  • insurance information;
  • claim forms and/or authorization numbers; or
  • ANNEX documents.

Non-Insured services

Not all services and supplies offered by the hospital are free of charge. For example, ambulances, crutches, and private rooms must be paid for by the patient.

A list of non-insured services is available from the admitting department. Many of these services require a deposit, which can be paid by cash, credit card or personal cheque. Our admitting departments have Interac debit machines for your convenience.

Eastern Health does not accept responsibility for any lost or stolen valuables.


Things to bring with you

  • Items you need such as your eyeglasses, dentures, hearing aid, wheelchair or walking aids.
  • Comfort items such as your pajamas or a nightgown and robe, full foot slippers, underwear, comfortable indoor clothing and footwear.
  • Medications which you are currently taking at home for the nursing staff to record on your health record. These medications may be returned after they are recorded or stored in a locked cupboard on the nursing unit and returned when you are discharged.
  • A notepad and pen or pencil to write down important information you will need to remember.

Things we recommend you not bring with you

  • Large amounts of cash
  • Jewelry
  • Personal items of value
  • All electronic equipment
  • Personal hair dryers, curling irons
  • Electric blankets, heating pads
  • Scented products
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Last updated: 2021-06-21