Accreditation: Following National Standards of Safety

One of the ways Eastern Health supports your safety is through accreditation. Accreditation helps us to meet national standards of safety and quality.

We participate in Accreditation Canada’s Qmentum Program which includes:

  • carefully reviewing national standards to ensure we are meeting quality and safety requirements;
  • seeking client and family input and feedback;
  • identifying and acting on areas for improvement; and
  • connecting with our staff and physicians to help create a better workplace and a strong culture of safety.

We are always working towards improving our services, as we want you to receive the safest and highest quality of care we can provide.

Accreditation Canada

Eastern Health works with Accreditation Canada to prepare for regular reviews of our services, our policies and procedures, our facilities, and our leadership.

Eastern Health has the highest possible ranking from Accreditation Canada: Accredited with Exemplary Standing.

Accreditation symbol

We are very proud of this achievement, and we continue to work with you to ensure that we meet or exceed our accreditation standards as we continue through our accreditation cycles.

Eastern Health participates in a sequential survey model with Accreditation Canada, meaning that surveyors visit every year instead of once every four years to assess the work we do. The most recent on-site survey visit was in November 2022 (sequence 1 of 3). The next on-site surveys are scheduled for November to December 2023 (sequence 2 of 3) and June 2024 (sequence 3 of 3). At that time, Eastern Health will receive an accreditation decision based on the 2022-2024 surveys. The new provincial health authority will work towards a new provincial accreditation cycle commencing in 2025.

November 2022 on-site survey (sequence 1 of 3)

Three surveyors from Accreditation Canada visited a total of 14 acute care, long-term care, community health, and administrative sites in St. John’s, Carbonear, and Clarenville from November 20-25, 2022.

During this time, the following areas were assessed against Accreditation Canada requirements for quality and safety:

  • Governance;
  • Leadership (including Planning and Service Design, Resource Management, Human Capital, Integrated Quality Management, Principle-based Care and Decision Making, Communication, Physical Environment, Emergency Preparedness, People-centred Care and Patient Flow);
  • Infection Prevention and Control;
  • Medication Management;
  • Reprocessing of Medical Devices;
  • Fertility Program (clinic and lab); and
  • Organ Donation Program

Eastern Health met approximately 93 per cent of required criteria during the on-site survey. For more information, please read Eastern Health’s latest Accreditation Report from the November 2022 visit (sequence 1 of 3).

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Last updated: 2023-03-03