Disclosure of an unplanned or unintended event in healthcare

At Eastern Health, we work hard to provide you with the best and safest care possible.

However, even with the best of care, skill, and interventions, an unplanned or unintended event can sometimes happen. This is called an occurrence.

Clients and families need to know what happened and what will be done to prevent it from happening again. This is called disclosure.

Eastern Health supports a culture of safety that encourages open and honest communication with clients, patients, residents and their families and respects the rights of individuals to be informed about occurrences that have affected or may potentially affect their health, in a supportive, private environment and in a timely manner. These discussions are guided by the Patient Safety Act and Eastern Health’s disclosure policy (PDF).

For more information about the disclosure process, please see the client and family handout –  Disclosure: What to Expect when the Unexpected Happens in Health Care (PDF).

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If you’d like to work with us on improving quality and safety at Eastern Health, visit our Client and Family Advisors page to learn more.

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Last updated: 2022-11-23