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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted visitor and family presence practices at Eastern Health. 
We empathize with all patients, residents and families in all program areas across the organization who have been impacted by visitor and family presence restrictions and/or limitations, during the pandemic. Please know that these measures are in place to protect everyone. 

Support persons and families are partners in care. 
Eastern Health’s Family Presence and General Visitation policy (PDF) enables clients to designate one family member, or other loved one, to provide support to them while they are receiving care. Support persons are chosen by the client or substitute decision-maker to be involved in supporting their loved one’s health-care needs. They are an important partners in care, and can be present with their loved one outside of general visitation hours.
Designated support persons are welcome on the units outside of regular visiting hours, 24 hours a day, seven days a week; if they wish and in consultation with their loved one’s care team. 
Visiting hours for designated support persons

24 hours, seven days a week
Monday – Sunday
This approach creates a welcoming environment that provides family and caregivers with the opportunity to more fully participate in the care of their family member or loved one.
NOTE: The Family Presence and General Visitation policy is being implemented in stages and currently includes the Carbonear General Hospital, Carbonear Long-Term Care Home, Dr. G.B. Cross Memorial Hospitaland Burin Peninsula Health Centre
General visitation hours 
General visitation hours are available for family and visitors not specified as the support person.
11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Monday - Sunday
Due to the specialized nature of some care services, visiting hours may not be the same on all units. Please confirm visiting hours with health-care staff on the unit you are visiting. 
The needs of your loved one should be balanced with the needs of other clients, patients, residents and their families and visitors. In order to support the privacy and safety of all, we ask that you respect and comply with the requests of the health-care team to limit the number of visitors at the bedside to two persons at a time for the benefit of all clients, patients and residents (unless otherwise specified for special circumstances). 
The Family Presence and General Visitation policy enables clients to designate one family member, or other loved one, to provide support while they are receiving care. The policy is being implemented in stages, as noted above.
Client and Family-Centred Care

Family Presence is an initiative of Client- and Family-Centred Care (CFCC). If you have any questions, please contact:
Client- and Family-Centred Care
Telephone: 709-777-6777

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Updated Oct 19, 2020