Recognition is a fundamental human need. It increases morale, helps us feel more confident and can brighten up a stressful day.

Below are some of the ways that Eastern Health recognizes and values the commitment of its employees.

The CEO Awards of Excellence

The CEO Awards of Excellence are the highest honour an employee of Eastern Health may receive. The CEO Awards are designed to acknowledge, recognize, and express appreciation for employees who, by their outstanding contributions and achievements, help to support Eastern Health’s vision. Learn more.

Service and retirement

We are proud of our people! Recognizing and celebrating the commitment of its employees and physicians is paramount for Eastern Health. It is the time and dedication of all our employees and physicians that enables us to deliver quality care and service. Learn more.

Recognition week

Every June, we celebrate our employees and physicians and their achievements. Learn more.


NL Health Services and its partners award more than $52,000 in scholarships to staff, dependants of staff and to and other eligible graduate or post-graduate students. Learn more.

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Last updated: 2023-10-24