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Find health care at Eastern Health, from programs and services to hospitals and facilities across the region. Please note that services and programs are continuously added to this directory.

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How to use the ‘Find health care directory’

Find a health facility

You can select a facility from the drop-down menu or type its name. If you are not sure the name of the facility, you can filter all facilities by the type of health service that is offered at that site, e.g., hospitals, community services and clinics; long-term care or residential services; health centres;  administrative or academic buildings.

Each facility page contains: general info., full address, main phone number or other contact information, hours of operation, services offered, accessibility information and a map of its location and how to get there.

Find a health service

You can select a program or service from the drop down menu or type the name of the service that you need. The results will include relevant services, as well as the facility or site where that service is offered.

Find a health service near you: map

Find health service locations closest to you through the interactive map tool. You can either filter your results by facility type or search by the facility name that offers the services that you need. The map will show you where the facility is located, contact information and how to get there.

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Last updated: 2023-02-16