Attendance management

Attendance support overview

At Eastern Health, our greatest resource is our people, the employees and physicians who are dedicated to client care.

Research provides a strong rationale for investing in employee and workplace health, as they are “inextricably linked to productivity, high performance and success.” As a result, we have made ‘healthy workplace’ a strategic priority.

This priority focuses on increasing employee engagement and improving employee wellness. An indicator of whether we are improving employee wellness will be a reduction of sick leave.

In an effort to achieve this goal, we are focused to:

  • make our workplaces safer,
  • provide education and awareness related to psychological health and safety,
  • improve employee engagement,
  • support return-to-work initiatives, and
  • recognition.

Policies and employee tools

The Attendance Support Policy (PDF) provides a supportive approach to helping employees meet expectations related to attendance in the workplace.

The Employee and Family Assistance Program is also available to provide support to employees and their families through a variety of circumstances.


When an employee is absent from the workplace for five days or more, a functional assessment form (FAF) (PDF) is required by Occupational Health.

An employee’s physician must complete the FAF during the period of illness. Additional FAFs will be requested at the discretion of the Occupational Health Service.

For a variety of reasons, an employee can be referred to Occupational Health or the Employee and Family Assistance Program through the appropriate referral forms.

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Last updated: 2021-07-04