Lifelong learning

The aim of learning and development is to provide training and educational opportunities that help you manage your own learning and growth throughout your career.

Lifelong learning and ongoing professional development are important principles supported by Eastern Health. We are committed to providing new learning opportunities, delivered in a variety of different ways to help new hires and existing staff achieve the best possible ongoing personal and professional development for them.

Working life in health care is constantly evolving, so it is important that you continue to learn and develop, to keep your skills and knowledge up to date and to ensure you continue to work safely, legally and effectively.

Learning opportunities are both formal and informal including:

  • orientation,
  • mandatory refresher training,
  • leadership and management development programs,
  • e-learning,
  • simulation, and
  • work-based learning (via preceptors, mentors, clinical educators or job shadowing).

Learning and development:

  • Designs education that builds on your previous knowledge, skills, and experience to support your personal and professional development.
  • Supports the development of managers and leaders through in-house learning opportunities, partnering with external training providers, or supporting travel to educational opportunities where necessary.
  • Develops educational opportunities that benefit the provincial health-care system.
  • Provides training to enhance patient safety and experience.
  • Supports the development of a learning organization.


Eastern Health is partnered with Memorial University School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and the Centre for Nursing Studies (among others). Learning and Development help provide students from those learning institutions with valuable education and work experience as they progress through their programs including mandatory clinical experience, orientation, and coordination with their programs.

All staff and students are encouraged to take responsibility to develop and participate in lifelong learning.

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Last updated: 2021-06-01