Leadership Development

At Eastern Health, leaders are stewards of billions of public funds and are entrusted with the delivery of high quality and safe health services.

We understand the critical role of leaders. We have identified effective leadership as a strategic and operation imperative to ensure our organization’s effectiveness, and our ability to meet current and future health-care demands.

Evolved leadership

Our health system requires evolved leadership. Leaders who are not only experienced and confident in their fields, but who are invested in personal growth and development and committed to continuous learning.

Our system requires leaders who are self-aware, values-driven, reflective, vulnerable and authentic. Leaders who are listeners. Leaders who encourage calculated risk-taking to foster the creativity and innovation necessary to achieve and surpass desired results. That is why Eastern Health invests in leadership development.

Leadership Development Program

We have a robust Leadership Development Program grounded in the LEADS framework. This program provides formal and informal opportunities for employees and managers to grow and develop at all levels of the organization. Formal programs include:

  • emerging leaders;
  • new manager track;
  • learning LEADerS and
  • executive apprenticeship.

Our fulsome program has grown to be recognized as a leading practice in organizational leadership development across the country.

Canadian College of Health Leaders

In 2020, we signed a strategic alliance with the Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL) to increase the leadership capabilities of health-care managers in Newfoundland and Labrador and Canada.

Through this agreement, graduates of Eastern Health’s Learning LEADerS program can work towards obtaining their Certified Health Executive (CHE) designation, the only certification program for all Canadian health leaders. Learn more.

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Last updated: 2021-07-04