Hospital and ambulance fees

Charges may include, but not limited to, the following: semi and private room charges, uninsured services, supplies, and procedures as requested by third parties.

If you are an uninsured, out-of-province patient, visit our out-of-province page.

Out of country patient, visit our out of country patients page

If you believe you’ve received a bill in error and have MCP coverage, call us immediately with your MCP number.

Preferred accommodation

If you have requested and have been provided with a semi or private room, you or your extended benefits plan, where available, will be billed for the applicable room rate.

Stays in hospital while awaiting long-term care

You will be billed for a daily ward rate if your are waiting to transfer to a long-term home.

Medical supplies

Supply or miscellaneous charges include but are not limited to–crutches, casts, splints. These items are not covered by MCP and are items that are billable to the patient. See more information here.

Emergency department visits

In order for your visit to be covered by your provincial health insurance plan, you must present proof of valid provincial medical coverage. If you received a bill but have medical coverage, please contact us at 709-777-1480, option 6.

If you do not have coverage or have travel insurance, find more information on our non-residents page.

Ambulance fees

Ambulance services are not considered an “insured” service under the Canada Health Act. Therefore, use of road ambulance services within the province is only partially subsidized for provincial residents holding a valid Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Care Plan (MCP) card.  Fees for ambulance services are established by the Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Health and Community Services and are subject to change.


Contact us

For billing inquiries, e-mail or call 709-777-1480 and select an option:

  • For payments only: Press 1
  • Ambulance: Press 2
  • Long-term care: Press 3
  • Outpatient pharmacy: Press 4
  • Preferred accommodations: Press 5
  • Residents of another Canadian province or territory: Press 6
  • Non-residents of Canada: Press 7
  • If your account has been placed with a collection agency: Press 8

Fax: 709-752-6892

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Last updated: 2021-07-23