Support Services

Support services offers a full range of services from patient transport to waste management. In collaboration with Eastern Health, these support services are provided by Compass One Healthcare under a vested contract.

Support services teams are dedicated to meeting Eastern Health’s vision and values in a safe and responsible manner.

Central laundry

Central laundry supports a full range of aseptic linen products for timely distribution across Eastern Health. Learn more.

Environmental services

Environmental services ensure an environment that is clean, aesthetically pleasing and free of contamination. Learn more.

Food services

Food services provides quality, balanced and nutritious meals to our patients and residents. Learn more.

Retail food services

Food retail and cafeteria services are available at some of Eastern Health facilities for patients, visitors and staff. Learn more.

Patient transport

Patient transportation is a support service that provides confidential, safe and efficient patient transport within hospitals. Learn more.

Waste management

Waste management services support a safe and healthy work environment for clients, residents, staff and visitors. Learn more.

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Last updated: 2021-06-25