Client and family-centred care

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We are currently recruiting client and family advisors for:

General advisor engagement opportunities:  These opportunities may include being part of such things as an improvement initiative (e.g., cardiac care), policy review, as client members of various quality councils (e.g., surgical services, medical imaging, pharmacy).

The following advisory councils:

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What is Client and family-centred care (CFCC)?

client and family centred care photoCFCC is a philosophy of care that views people using health services as partners in planning, developing, monitoring, and evaluating care. It redefines
the relationships in health care by placing an emphasis on partnering with people of all ages, at all levels of care, and in all health-care settings as we strive for excellence in health-care services.

In CFCC, the word client also refers to patients and residents who use the services of Eastern Health.


  • fosters care that is respectful, compassionate, culturally safe, and competent;
  • considers the needs, values, beliefs and preferences of you and your family members; and
  • works in partnership with you to develop appropriate solutions and to ensure your values are reflected in clinical decisions.


The word client also refers to patient (inpatients and outpatients), and residents of long-term care facilities.

We are committed to partnering with clients and families to provide the best care possible!

We want to build on our successes and are committed to fostering partnerships with clients and families to work on our mutual goal of meeting your health care needs.

Our values

The values of CFCC at Eastern Health include the following:

  • Dignity and Respect: We listen to and honour you and your family’s views and choices. We respect and consider your knowledge, values, beliefs and cultural background in everything we do.
  • Information Sharing: We share complete, unbiased information with you and your family to help you participate in your care.
  • Partnership and Participation: We encourage and support you and your family to participate in your care and in decision-making.
  • Collaboration: We support you and your family to work with health-care team members in planning and making decisions for your health care.

How can you get involved

To find out about getting involved, learn more about Client and Family Advisory Councils and partnerships as well as client and family advisors.

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Last updated: 2023-06-28