Online blood collection frequently asked questions

Online blood collection at Major’s Path clinic

Who can book online appointments?

Patients/clients will be able to view, select and book an available time for their appointment directly on the Eastern Health website. If a patient/client is unable to book the appointment for themselves, a family member is also able to book appointments online if patients/clients are unable to do so.

Patients also have the option of booking by telephone at 709-752-3658.

What do I need to book on-line?

Patients will need their MCP card to book an appointment on-line. Patients will also be asked to create an account on their first visit.

How do I book if I do not have a computer or smart device?

Patients who do not have a computer or smart device can call the Major’s Path to request an appointment by calling by telephone at 709-752-3658.

Can I book an appointment for bloodwork at other Eastern Heath laboratories?

The online appointment system for blood collection is currently a pilot project. We are only offering it at our main blood collection site in St. John’s at this time.

Is there a plan to expand this service to other blood collection locations?

Because this is a pilot project, we are offering this service at the Major’s Path Community Health Clinic only at this time. We may look at expanding this service at other locations at another time.

How long will I have to wait for an appointment?

Availability is based on demand and may fluctuate. Currently, appointments are being booked three days in advance of the appointment date. Patients are able to select an available slot that is conducive to their schedule.

On the day of my appointment, how long will I have to wait before my turn is called?

Please show up on time for your booked appointment. Because your appointment has been pre-booked, you will be brought in at the time of your appointment or shortly thereafter.

Who is providing the online booking service?

Eastern Health is working with its innovation partner, Mobia, as well as a platform called Swiftqueue to offer this online blood collection service. Swiftqueue is a Cloud-based platform for mobile and internet technologies. It is a flexible and innovative platform which is used by many health-care providers so that they can better manage their availability and provide a better client/patient experience.

Is my private information protected?

Yes. Eastern Health respects the privacy and confidentiality of a person’s personal and health information while collecting, using or disclosing information in compliance with the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (ATIPPA) and the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA). Eastern Health will not collect, use or disclose personal or health information that is not in accordance with ATIPPA, PHIA or Eastern Health policies. For further information, please contact Eastern Health’s Access and Privacy Department at 709-777-8025.

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Last updated: 2021-05-25