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Applications for scholarships must be submitted using the appropriate application forms. Forms are made available on this web site every year as soon as the scholarship application cycle begins.

Scholarships for Staff

Scholarships for Dependants of Staff

Quality Health-care Scholarships

Guidelines on how to apply for an EH Scholarship

Eastern Health scholarships are awarded upon merit, based on the criteria below. Each entry is assessed by its content and presentation. Therefore, it is important to spend time ensuring your application is strong and complete. The Scholarship Review Team developed the following guidelines to assist you in this process:

1. Letter to the Scholarship Review Team

This letter is an introduction of you to the scholarship review team members. It is important to remember that the review team does not know you or your accomplishments. The letter to the review team is an opportunity to describe your achievements in the community, the workplace and school life. Make sure to outline how you are making a difference in the activities you are involved in. Don’t forget to sign your letter!

If you’re applying for a Staff Scholarship, be sure to indicate how your program of study will benefit the clinical or administrative services of Eastern Health. If you’re applying for a Dependant of Staff Scholarship, please include your study or career plan.

If you’re applying for a Quality Health-care Scholarship, your letter must outline how your current area of study and interest (patient disclosure practices, ethics or quality processes in patient care within the context of Newfoundland and Labrador) meets Eastern Health’s goals and values.

2. Resume

Your resume should include the following sections:

  • Education: Outline your education to date.
  • Work experience: Outline your work experience. Describe each position you have held accompanied by the name of the employer, a timeline of when you worked at each location, and the main duties involved.
  • Volunteer work: Describe each volunteer position you have held by naming the group with which you volunteered, the length of time you were involved in the specific program, and the main activities involved.
  • Achievements/Accomplishments: Outline all your achievements, accomplishments and awards.

Your resume should be clear, concise and easy to read while providing enough information so the reviewer can get to know you.

3. Academic Performance

As applicable, all applicants must provide transcripts from their most current, or previous, academic institution.

4. Letters of Reference

The scholarship application process requires letters of reference, as follows:

  • Two letters for staff and dependants of staff scholarship applicants.
  • Three letters for Quality Health-care Scholarship applicants.

When choosing individuals to provide you with a reference, you should give consideration to the type of recommendation the person will give you.

Select someone who knows you well, can describe the true depth of your best qualities, and can comment on things you have done that are extraordinary.

The reference should articulate the points above in a manner that allows the Scholarship Review Team to make an accurate assessment of your personal attributes. In addition, your letters should come from individuals who are not within the same organization. For instance:

For staff:

If one letter is from your immediate supervisor, then the other should be from a volunteer organization or an instructor from an academic institution. If both letters must be from the same institution or organization, then it is important to have two people who can address different aspects of your personality. For example, if one reference is written by your manager, then the other may be from your professional practice consultant or an employee from another program/department who sits on a committee with you.

For dependants of staff:

If one letter is from a teacher, then the other should be from a supervisor where you have worked or a volunteer organization. If both letters must be from the same institution or organization, then it is important to have two people who can address different aspects of your personality. For example, if one reference is from a teacher discussing your academic achievements, the other may be from a coach highlighting your teamwork abilities or a school staff member who can outline your school spirit.

Quality Health-care Scholarships applicants:

The three letters of reference should be each from: a place of employment; an academic source; and a personal (non-family related) source, such as community involvement, character reference, etc. Please indicate in subject line of each letter, the type of reference, e.g. employment, academic or personal reference.

Ensure reference letters are signed by references. Please indicate if it is an employment, academic or personal related reference.

5. The Overall Application

Once you have all the documents and your application form has been completed, review the entire package for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and neatness. An application package that has been hastily compiled may be perceived as a lack of interest on the applicant’s part. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a well-crafted application bears the appearance of a writer who invested the right amount of energy to produce a quality application.

6. Checklist for Scholarship Application

  • Upon completion of your application, check to make sure that you have completed and enclosed all the necessary forms for a successful application. Your original package should include:
  • All sections of the current application form completed and signed
  • Signed applicant letter to the Scholarship Review Team
  • Resume
  • Transcripts
  • Signed letters of reference
  • Two (2) letters for staff and dependants of staff scholarship applicants
  • Three (3) letters for Quality Health-care Scholarship applicants
  • Proof of school enrollment

Please send your complete application package to:
All documentation must be included upon receipt. Documents sent separately will not be accepted. Incomplete packages will be disqualified.

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Last updated: 2021-06-14