Screening and COVID-19 Testing

Upon arrival at an Eastern Health hospital or other facility, individuals continue to be screened for COVID-19 through a series of questions.

  • Patient Screening: The COVID-19 screening tool allows for any necessary precautions (e.g. personal protective equipment and isolation protocols) to be put in place, as required, to help protect patients, staff and physicians as they provide health-care services. Patients are directed to refer to their COVID-19 appointment letter insert for more information regarding screening and/or to contact the relevant clinic prior to arriving for their appointment at an Eastern Health hospital or facility if, for example, they are experiencing one or more symptoms of COVID-19 or are self-isolating
  • Visitor Screening: Anyone who is feeling unwell or sick should not visit patients/residents. Visits will only proceed for individuals who meet the screening criteria. This precaution is in place to help in the prevention and the spread of infection to patients and residents.

Effective June 30, 2021, routine surveillance COVID-19 testing for hospital admissions will no longer be required.

As per regular process, all patients requiring hospital admission will be screened by a series of questions via the COVID-19 Triage Screening tool; individuals who have any symptoms of COVID-19 or known exposures to COVID-19 will continue to be tested for COVID-19.

Asymptomatic testing originally completed as part of a pilot surveillance project in Summer 2020 resulted in no identification of active cases.

Eastern Health continues to do COVID-19 testing for scheduled appointments that require an aerosol generating medical procedure (AGMP) such as, but not limited to, an upper endoscopy or a bronchoscopy. Individuals who have a planned admission to one of our hospitals for an aerosol generating medical procedure (AGMP), or who have an outpatient appointment for an AGMP will be contacted up to 72 hours in advance to have a COVID-19 swab test completed prior to admission/procedure. Patients will be required to isolate from the time the swab is taken until the time for their procedure or surgery.


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Last updated: 2021-09-24