Healthy Food Policy for Retail

Eastern Health’s Healthy Food Policy for Retail focuses on offering food and beverages consistent with Canada’s Food Guide and applies to all cafeterias, canteens, vending machines and gift shops/auxiliaries in Eastern Health facilities. The policy will be implemented in all facilities across the region over the next three years.

The policy aims to create a supportive environment for healthy eating for staff, students, volunteers and the public by helping to make the healthy choice the easy choice. Deep/partially fried foods, sugary and artificially sweetened drinks, and highly processed/refined snack foods will be gradually phased out of Eastern Health facilities during the first three years of the policy.

The Healthy Food Policy for Retail is based on the latest evidence and research and reflects the healthy eating and nutrition education that is provided by our health-care professionals.

  • The policy applies to food and beverages available to the public and staff in Eastern Health facilities.
  • It does not apply to food and beverages provided to patients in hospitals and residents in long-term care facilities, as there are existing nutrition policies and processes in place for this purpose.

For more information:

Additional information will be provided throughout the implementation phases.

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Last updated: 2022-06-21