Bereavement services

Who we are

Bereavement Services at Eastern Health provides care for people who are experiencing loss due to the death of a loved one.

What we do

Grief and bereavement sessions

We offer grief and bereavement sessions that

  • are currently virtual;
  • are offered on the second Tuesday of each month from 6:30-8:00 p.m.; and
  • explain the grief and bereavement process, typical emotions, complicated grief, how to access further supports and time for discussion.

No client referred to us goes more than four weeks without being offered the opportunity to attend this information session

After attending the public information session:

  • some attendees discuss with a counselor whether or not they would like bi-weekly individual counseling session;
  • some clients come for one to two sessions while others receive counseling for longer periods of time; and
  • some clients request a follow-up individual session around certain holidays or significant anniversaries.

Grief and bereavement support group

We offer a grief and bereavement support group which

  • consists of eight sessions offered by trained staff;
  • is open to people over the age of 18 grieving the loss of a loved one; and
  • requires registration to attend.

Special Public Sessions

Our special public sessions about grief and bereavement include:

  • Grieving: coping with the holidays and
  • Beyond the broken heart: facing grief and loneliness.

Bereavement Services:

  • Assist you in managing your grief constructively and creatively, and to help you through your grief process.
  • Help you to acknowledge and accept the reality of your anticipated death, the dying or death of your loved one.
  • Help you to self-manage your emotional, spiritual, psychological pain caused by your anticipated loss, or by the death of your loved one(s).
  • Collaborate with health-care professionals and community resources to care for your needs.
  • Assist you in reinvesting your energy in other relationships and activities to help you adjust to the changes in your life.

Bereavement services collaborates with several departments and programs of Eastern Health and with community agencies, such as:

who we see

We see people over the age of 18.

How to access this service

We accept self-referrals; referral by a community health-care professional and referral by a family member or friend, with consent from the individual being referred.

All referrals must use the ch-1300 Grief and Bereavement Referral Form Fillable (PDF).


How to reach us

Phone: 709-777-6959 or 709-777-8940
Fax: 709-777-7612

More information

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Last updated: 2023-11-10