Wellness Centre in Bonavista



Project summary

Eastern Health is providing a new location for the provision of community services to enhance service deliver in Bonavista. The proposed wellness centre will enable Eastern Health to address the redevelopment of spaces and infrastructure to support enhanced mental health services, public health services and community services in the Bonavista area. It will also facilitate a shift towards a model that embodies best-practice and emerging trends, through community integration, with the vision for client-centred services and increased access.

The location will incorporate:

  • mental health and addictions services,
  • public health services, and
  • community services within a shared and jointly operated facility.

Within the same facility, the community of Bonavista has an established vision to provide:

  • a gymnasium and exercise room,
  • a community kitchen, and
  • a meeting space for various support groups.

This project is graciously supported by the Discovery Health  Care Foundation.

Conceptual drawing of the exterior wellness centre in Bonavista
Conceptual drawing of the exterior wellness centre in Bonavista
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Last updated: 2021-07-06