Energy Performance Contract



Project summary

Through a request for proposals issued in February 3, 2016, Eastern Health sought applications for the provision of an energy performance contract (EPC) solution for its facilities to reduce energy and operational costs. EPC solutions is also commonly known as Energy and Facility Renewal Programs. Honeywell has been selected as the proponent.

  • Honeywell and Eastern Health have co-developed a comprehensive “self-funded” program whereby the equipment and technology that will be installed to modernize facilities will be paid by guaranteed energy and operational savings over a set payback period.
  • The objectives of Eastern Health’s Energy and Facility Renewal Program include the following:
    • to identify guaranteed energy savings in various facilities that will result in a decrease in overall operating costs of the buildings;
    • to replace aging or inefficient equipment and/or building systems with new energy efficient systems, such as boilers, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, laundry cleaning systems and beyond useful life building automation;
    • to train and increase awareness of health-care staff and occupants on matters related to energy conservation such as turning off lights when they are not in use, as well as provide technical training to in-house facilities staff;
    • to monitor the performance of systems and guarantee energy savings; and
    • to identify all available incentives, grants and finance options.

The Energy and Facility Renewal Report (EPR) presents the details of Eastern Health’s Energy Performance Contract (EPC) with Honeywell.

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Last updated: 2021-07-02