Learning and Improving

Learning and improving

At Eastern Health, we work hard to prevent errors from occurring. But when errors do occur, we also work hard to understand what happened so we can take steps to prevent the same mistakes from happening again. Within health-care teams and throughout the organization, we seek to learn the root causes of errors, and plan improvements with a view to enhance safety.

Staff are encouraged and supported to report occurrences, close calls, and adverse health events. You and your loved ones are also encouraged to report to your health-care team any issue that you believe has affected the safety of your care.

Occurrence: An undesired or unplanned event that does not appear to be consistent with the safe provision of health services.

Close call: A potential occurrence that did not actually occur due to chance, corrective action or timely intervention.

Adverse health event: An occurrence that results in an unintended outcome which negatively affects a patient’s health or quality of life.

(from Patient Safety Act, 2017.)

Through reporting, we can identify quality and safety priorities, and work to make quality and safety improvements. Improvements may involve policy changes, staff education, or changes in processes, to name just a few.

Eastern Health relies on many sources to stay current with trends in health-care quality and safety, including:

Patients, clients, long term care residents and family members can work with us in our quality and safety improvement efforts. Visit our Client and Family Advisors page to learn how.

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Last updated: 2021-06-21