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2017 Scholarship Recipients

Staff Scholarships
2017 Staff Scholarship Recipients
Eastern Health
$1,000 scholarships for Eastern Health employees
Recipient Program
Nicole Butler
Mental Health & Addictions
Andrea Doyle
Communicable Disease Control, Public Health Program
Jennifer Druken
Human Resources Client Services
Janine Elliott
Long Term Care
Jessica Flynn
Therapeutic Recreation
Janice Hewitt
Long Term Care
Jennifer Hinks
Critical Care
Elizabeth (Libby) King
Mental Health & Addictions
Jessica Pike
Edwin Riggs
Allison Stacey
Philip Weir
Health Care Foundation
$2,000 scholarships for employees working in the St. John’s Hospitals
Recipient Program
Jaime Chafe
Surgery Program
Julia Curtis
Jennifer Fahey
Long Term Care
Catherine Price
Candace Whiteway
St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital Auxiliary
$1,000 scholarship for employees working at the St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital
Recipient Program
Sean Dillion
Interns and Residency Program
General Hospital Sports and Social Club
$500 scholarship for employees who are members of this club
Recipient Program
Roxane Jackson
Medicine, Dialysis
Scholarships for Dependants of Staff
2017 Dependants of Staff Scholarship Recipients
Eastern Health
$500 scholarships for all dependants of Eastern Health
Dependant Parent
Amber Culleton
Kelly Culleton
Claire Dowden
Elsie Murphy-Dowden
Kyle Johnson
Julia Johnson
Liam Kennedy
Dr. Norman Kennedy
Kurtis Kerr
Tammy Kerr
Katy Lundrigan
Edward Lundrigan
Claire MacLeod
Roberta DiDonato
Matthew Noseworthy
Deborah Noseworthy
Laura Pittman
Bruce Pittman
Ava Provencher
Anne Marie and Michael Provencher
Catherine Smith
June Kirkland-Smith
Kallie Stone
Gail Stone
Sister Mary Fabian Hennebury
$1000 scholarship for dependants of staff working at the St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital
Dependant Parent
Bradley O'Leary
Bonnie O'Leary
General Hospital Sports and Social Club
$500 scholarship for dependants of staff who are members of this club
Dependant Parent
Jamie-Lee Squires
CarolAnn Chapman

Quality Healthcare Scholarship Recipients
2017 Quality
Healthcare Scholarship Recipients
Eastern Health
$6,500 scholarship for eligible post-secondary students
Field of Study

Jennifer Mackey

Jennifer is a Registered Nurse, St. Clare’s Emergency Department, Eastern Health. She is currently enrolled in a Master of Health Ethics at Memorial University. Jennifer will study ethical issues that emerge in the emergency and intensive care settings and in the context of medical aid in dying, focusing particularly on policies and procedures within Newfoundland and Labrador.

Jaclyn Hynes

Jaclyn is currently enrolled in a Master of Science in Medicine (Clinical Epidemiology) at Memorial University. Jaclyn will focus her research on highlighting quality processes in the management of families with inherited cancer genes through the development of a patient registry. She will also explore the psychosocial impact of managing an inherited cancer condition.

If you would like to know who our past scholarship recipients are, please click on the links below:


Updated Nov 23, 2018