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2020 Scholarship Recipients

Staff Scholarships
Eastern Health
$1,000 scholarships for Eastern Health employees
Recipient Program
Beth Anderson 
Mental Health and Addictions
Daisy Baldwin   
Krista Benson
Mental Health and Addictions
Mary Beresford
Long Term Care
Sarah Burt
Community Supports Program
Neil Colbourne
Primary Health Care
Courtney Wold French
Workplace Safety
Stephanie Green
Emergency/Intensive Care Unit
Dawn Hickman
Rural Health
Sylvia Njoku
Food Services
Christine Riggs  
Mental Health and Addictions
Jade Roberts
Janeway, PICU/ER
Health Care Foundation
$2,000 scholarships for employees working in the St. John’s Hospitals
Recipient Program
Jessica Hammond
Research and Innovation
Tara Hunt
Chanitlle Isler
Mental Health and Addictions
Stacey Pike
Leanne Simmons
Quality, Patient Safety and Risk Management
St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital Auxiliary
$1,000 scholarship for employees working at the St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital
Recipient Program
Stephanie Decker
Scholarships for Dependants of Staff
Eastern Health
$500 scholarships for all dependants of Eastern Health
Dependant Parent
Chelsie Cake
Marilyn Pittman-Cake
Abigail Driscoll
Kenneth Driscoll
Jeffery Hayward
Dr. Lori Hayward
Rita Huang
Jian Huang
Rhiannon Kelly
Cory Kelly
Jacob Kennedy
Norman Kennedy
Lauren MacLean
James J. MacLean
Laura Priddle
Kerry Priddle
Kelsey Ross
Velma Ross
Samantha Jean Stacey
Christine Stacey
Brandon Squires
Darryl Gill
Emma Tucker
Jill Tucker
Sister Mary Fabian Hennebury
$1000 scholarship for dependants of staff working at the St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital
Dependant Parent
Jenna Grant
W. Danette Grant
General Hospital Sports and Social Club
$500 scholarship for dependants of staff who are members of this club
Dependant Parent
Benjamin Halfyard
Rick Halfyard
Norah Quinlan Glenda Pack

Quality Healthcare Scholarship Recipients
Eastern Health
$6,500 scholarship for eligible post-secondary students
Recipient Field of Study
Rebecca Cole
Ms. Cole is currently enrolled in a Master of Science in Medicine (Clinical Epidemiology) at Memorial University. Rebecca’s thesis has a focus on youth mental health in Newfoundland and Labrador. She will specifically research trends of hospitalizations due to self-poisoning. She hopes her research will lead to improvements in clinical care and follow-up for those patients.
If you would like to know who our past scholarship recipients are, please click on the links below:


Updated Jan 4, 2021