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Progress Update for 2017-2020

The following content is a snap shot of some of the progress from our 2017-2020 Strategic Plan.

Eastern Health is committed to improving Access, which involves addressing wait times, as well as some of the barriers to patient flow throughout the system.

Chronic Conditions
Fewer patients with chronic conditions, such as diabetes and angina, have been admitted to the hospital, which means more patients are being treated effectively in the community.*

*In Quarter 2 of 2018/19

Mental Health and Addictions
Access to community Mental Health and Addictions services is improving with more patients being seen sooner.*

*During the first three Quarters of 2018/19

CEO Award of Excellence
In 2018, our Mental Health and Addictions team on the Burin Peninsula received a CEO Award of Excellence for Innovation. There is no longer a wait for Mental Health and Addictions services and no need for a referral with the new 100 per cent walk-in service in Burin.

Quality & Safety
Quality and Safety is an integral priority for Eastern Health that is consistently woven throughout the organization and all that we do.

Experience of Care
Eastern Health is soliciting feedback from clients through our Experience of Care survey and using this feedback to improve the quality of care we provide. 87.5 per cent of respondents reported overall satisfaction with their care and services from the Emergency Department.

Client and Family Advisors
Client and family advisors share their experiences to help make a positive impact in health care. Eastern Health surveyed its advisors to determine whether they viewed their contribution with us as being meaningful. 83.3 per cent of advisors reported meaningful involvement!

Population Health
Eastern Health is committed to collaborating with community partners and engaging the population in activities and initiatives to improve the health of the population.

Cancer Screening
Participation rate in the Newfoundland and Labrador Colon Cancer Screening Program for targeted individuals who are 50-74 years of age and at average risk for colorectal cancer has increased.

The rate of mothers who initiated breastfeeding has increased over the last three years.

Healthy Workplace
Eastern Health is committed to increasing employee engagement and improving employee wellness.
Sick Leave
Sick leave has decreased 6.4 per cent since 2014-15. However, there was a 3 per cent increase during 2017-18 in comparison to the year prior, highlighting the need to refocus on addressing the underlying causes of high sick leave.

Employee Engagement
The AON Hewitt Employee Engagement Survey showed a 4 per cent increase in the employee engagement rate for the organization.

For Eastern Health to continue to improve access, quality and safety, and the health of the population, the organization must be sustainable.

Patient Stay
Length of stay is calculated as the total number of days a patient is in the hospital over the expected number of days, in comparison to similar cases across Canada. Any value above 100 per cent indicates patients have stayed longer than expected. In 2017-18, fewer patients have stayed longer than expected in comparison to 2016-17.

Please note:
This document does not include all indicators in our Strategic plan. For a complete update, please view:

Updated Apr 6, 2021