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Burin Peninsula Primary Health-Care Initiative

As part of its Strategic Plan 2017-2020, Eastern Health is committed to ensuring access to quality primary health care services throughout the eastern region. This new initiative provides individuals and communities with an opportunity to partner with us, as we identify renewed priorities and goals on the Burin Peninsula - aimed at a transformed model of primary health care, which can be sustained into the future.
What is primary health care?
Primary health care includes services that promote health and wellness, prevent illness, treat health issues or injuries, and diagnose and manage chronic health conditions. It includes interactions with health-care providers such as family doctors, pharmacists, social workers, nurses, occupational therapists, counselors, community volunteers and others. 
Burin Peninsula Community Consultations

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In follow-up to Eastern Health’s Burin Peninsula community consultations, held May 1-3, 2017, regarding primary health-care services, below is an information booklet about primary health care on the Burin Peninsula. Please follow the link to learn about what we have planned in the coming weeks and months:
 Community Consultation Results
As promised, Eastern Health has reviewed the responses of participants at the consultation sessions. Below is a summary of the main concerns outlined, along with what those surveyed feel is working well on the Burin Peninsula. Eastern Health takes residents’ concerns very seriously, and will develop an action plan to address the issues that have been identified. In the coming months, it will establish a Community Advisory Committee and looks forward to working with community representatives to identify solutions aimed at transforming primary health care on the Burin Peninsula. In the meantime, residents have requested a list of services currently provided in the area, and with that in mind, we have developed a Health Services Directory for your use, as per below: 
Actions to Date
On August 2017, Eastern Health partnered with town councils and community agencies on the Burin Peninsula to form a Coalition for Mental Health & Wellness
On November 29, 2017, Eastern Health announced the following enhancements to mental health and primary health-care services on the Burin Peninsula:
  • New mental health and addictions wellness and resources drop-in service in Grand Bank.
  • Mental health and addictions supports by appointment in Grand Bank, please call: 709-832-1602.
  • Increased mental health and addictions services in Marystown.
  • Offering suicide intervention training (ASIST) in partnership with Richard’s Legacy Foundation for Survivors of Suicide Loss, Inc.
  • Increased access to primary health care with the hiring of a nurse practitioner at the Terrenceville Medical Clinic.
  • Establishment of Community Advisory Council.
In the spring 2019, Eastern Health released a video story outlining the dramatic change in access to mental health and addictions counselling services in the Burin Peninsula. Watch the full video.  
If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Kelli Spearns at 709-227-4140 or via email at:
We invite you to watch other videos regarding  Primary Health Care in Bonavista and Burin areas.



Updated Jun 14, 2021