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PET imaging offers unique insights into the human body that enable physicians to deliver more personalized treatment. PET imaging is less invasive compared to biopsy or exploratory surgery. It also:
  • provides more accurate information that may not attainable with other imaging technologies (X-ray, CT scan, MRI);
  • identifies disease in earlier stages; and
  • determines the exact location of a tumor, often before symptoms occur or abnormalities can be detected with other diagnostic tests.
Benefits of a combined PET/CT scanner:
  • Greater detail with better accuracy.
  • Less room for error.
  • More patient comfort and convenience:
    • Patients who require two types of exams (CT and PET) will only require one appointment.
    • Since the PET and CT scans are performed at the same time, the patient does not have to change positions.


Updated Aug 9, 2017