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St. John's and Area

Medicine Program

Diabetes Centre Major’s Path

  • Adults with Diabetes
  • Adults with high lipids/cholesterol
  • Adults with reactive Hypoglycemia
  • Adults with Osteoporosis
  • Fax referral to 752-3639
  • For more information call 752-3624
  • Referrals accepted from physicians and other health care professionals.  If not referred by a physician must be under the care of a physician

Mental Health and Addictions Program

Renate Elizabeth Withers Centre for HOPE
35 Major’s Path

  • HOPE Program for individuals with Eating Disorders (excludes Binge Eating Disorders).
  • Mental Health and Addiction Referral Form must be completed and faxed to 777-2042.  If another health professional completes the form, the family physician should be involved in their care while availing of the HOPE Program
  • For more information contact 752-3611
Health Sciences Centre
  • Eating Disorders including Binge Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating
  • Mental Health and Addiction Referral Form must be completed and faxed to 777-6954.  If another health professional completes the form, the family physician should be involved in their care

Waterford Site

Rehabilitation and Continuing Care

L.A. Miller Centre

  • Referrals within the Rehabilitation Program at the L.A. Miller Centre
  • Referrals for individuals with underlying neurological conditions such as MS, Huntington’s, ALS and Stroke
  • Fax referral to 777-7848

Children's and Women's Health

Janeway Children’s Health and Rehabilitation Centre
Lifestyle Program:
  • Lifestyle Team works with families whose children have been identified as having a risk factor for a chronic disease
  • For more information call 777-4387 or click here.

Other Pediatric Referrals:

  • All other Pediatric Referrals can be faxed to 777-4343
  • For further information contact 777-4158

Cancer Care

Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Centre
  • Any individual registered in the Cancer Care Program of Eastern Health can be referred to the Dietitian either before, during or following active treatment.
  • For more information call 777-7604
  • For more information, click here.

Note:  Other Dietitian Services may be available within Specialty Programs and Clinics and have not been listed here.





Updated Dec 18, 2012