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An e-advisor is a patient, client, resident or family member who volunteers to partner with Eastern Health in variety of opportunities, in an electronic format, such as:
  • reviewing materials, 
  • completing surveys, 
  • participating in panel or focus group discussions, and/or
  • sharing experiences of care.
E-advisors could be invited to join a particular advisory council if a vacancy arises, and if there is a fit in interest and experience.
Are you interested in becoming an e-advisor?
  • If you are looking to partner with Eastern Health for brief periods of time, on short projects and/or activities, and if 
  • you, or a loved one, has received care within the past three years; and/or has had multiple past experiences of care; and/or is receiving care - at Eastern Health
then becoming an e-advisor may be a fit for you!  
Please complete a formal client and family advisor application to start the process.


Updated Feb 23, 2018