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Naming submissions are now closed, thank you for your suggestions.


The Long-Term Care Facility in St. John’s Needs a Name
We Need Your Input!
We want to provide the new state-of-the-art long-term care facility a name with which our residents and their families will identify. We are seeking imaginative and inspiring suggestions that reflect the positive care environment, the population that resides there, physical location, serene setting, history of the area and/or the scenic views surrounding the facility.
Please note that suggestions should not include a person’s name as the facility will not be named after an individual.

About the New Long-Term Care Facility

The new facility, which replaced the Hoyles Escasoni Complex, is home to seniors and individuals with physical and/or intellectual disabilities who require nursing care. The 460-bed facility comprises four separate linked buildings that provide space for recreation therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, spirituality, support services and utilities.

The new long-term care home is also equipped with protective care units for individuals with dementia; continued services for bariatric care; enhanced short stay services such as respite and convalescence care; and, specialized behavioural services for seniors.

The facility is designed to enhance resident care. With single resident accommodations and improved recreational space and dining areas, we are confident that residents will be proud to call it home.

For more information:
Phone: (709) 752-8710

Deadline for submissions: October 20, 2014


Updated Mar 28, 2016