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Patients and Family

Referral Information

When you are admitted to an Eastern Health facility, a referral for therapeutic recreation services can be completed. 

Referrals can be submitted by the client, patient, resident, family members, nursing, allied health clinician, physicians, other Eastern Health clinicians. 

Completed referrals are to be forwarded to therapeutic recreation services at the appropriate site.

Hours of Operation

Therapeutic recreation services are offered on a regular weekly basis from Monday to Friday with limited evening and weekend services provided.

Hours of operation may vary from site to site depending on the nature of the service being offered.  Please contact therapeutic recreation services at the site for specifics on hours of operation. For the directory listing, click here.

Schedule of Programs and Services Offered

A site specific schedule of therapeutic recreation programs and services can be obtained by contacting therapeutic recreation services at the site. For the directory listing, click here.



Downloadable Documents:
Therapeutic Recreation Directory

Updated Aug 12, 2019