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Meet Rick Seward:

EH Values, Integrity, Rick SewardIt was a normal evening in 1976 when out of the blue a blaring stat page was called out over the Salvation Army Grace General Hospital p.a. system. Several doctors, specialists and nurses started their way down the hallway to help the crashing patient. They rushed down the hall passed a young man carrying a food tray, on his rounds as a part-time food service worker, a job he held while attending high-school. The medical team left him standing windswept and gaping as their footsteps echoed back towards him. Seeing that was all it took for the young man to know he wanted to play a bigger role in the health care system.

Now, Rick Seward holds the title of Regional Professional Practice Consultant for Respiratory Therapy. After hearing many code and stat pages while working as a food service worker at The Grace, Rick sought to find out what types of professionals would respond to those calls to action.

One of those people, he learned, was a Respiratory Care Specialist. After researching the position a little more, Rick knew that is where his destiny lie. He also noticed that there was a provincial bursary program for respiratory care. He pounced on the opportunity and was awarded the bursary.

His education from 1980-1982 took him to Nova Scotia where he trained in respiratory care at Victoria General Hospital.

In 1982, after completing school, Rick decided to return to The Grace to be a staff Respiratory Therapist. While there, Rick worked with many patients ranging from intensive care to neonatal and outpatients.

“It was a great experience. It was great for my career, too,” Rick said.

After eight years in that position a job as Director of Respiratory Therapy opened and Rick applied for it. He held that position for six years. During his tenure as Director, Rick learned the ropes of management and was certified as a facilitator. In 1996, Rick moved to the Heath Care Corporation to take on the role of Professional Practice Coordinator.

Throughout his whole career, Rick said the most rewarding thing about working in the business of people’s health is that he gets to work with great people and do something that changes lives.

“I like having the ability to affect change. I work with great people around me and it creates some great opportunity for improvement,” Rick said.

Rick said he strives to promote a healthy and strong work environment through his daily interactions with his coworkers. His dedication to Eastern Health and its communities show that Rick truly is Living the Values at Eastern Health


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Updated Nov 27, 2014