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Emergency Services
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Medical Communication Centre

Dispatch CentreThe Medical Communication Centre (MCC) receives, coordinates and dispatches paramedicine and medical transport resources for the St. John’s Metropolitan Area and for the provincial air ambulance program. MCC is the first point of contact for those requesting assistance. 

The MCC is staffed with primary care paramedics that have additional training and are certified in Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD). EMD is the international standard for ambulance dispatching. Our EMD Paramedics ask pertinent questions regarding the condition of the patient and will dispatch either a primary care or advanced care paramedic unit, based on the patients needs. In addition, the EMD paramedic is able to provide pre-arrival instructions to the caller, which aid in the treatment of the patient prior to the arrival of paramedics.

MCC coordinates over 26,000 patient movements annually (more than 40 per cent of the Provincial call volume).

  • Approximately 23,793 Metro Paramedic Services
  • Approximately 1,640  Provincial Air Ambulance Services
  • Approximately 1,380 Provincial Road Ambulance Transfers from St. John’s
  • Approximately 1,655 Other emergency calls including:
    • Provincial HealthLine
    • Provincial emergencies transferred from the RCMP
    • Redirected 911 calls from RNC dispatch in Corner Brook

Contact Us

Emergency service request - 911

Routine road ambulance service request - 709-777-6320

Toll free line for routine road ambulance service requests - 1-877-709-1515

Toll free line for air ambulance service requests - 1-877-709-0505

If you have an inquiry about services provided by the MCC please contact:

Corey Banks
Division Manager

Chris Harris
Scott Macdonald

Ian Winter
Operations Supervisor


Updated Nov 4, 2016