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Air Ambulance Services

Air Ambulance

Med Flight Newfoundland and Labrador provides critical care air transport services to emergent and non-emergent patients across the province, and as medically required, to out of Province destinations. This service is used by patients who are unable to use either a road ambulance or commercial flight due their condition, the duration and distance of transport or their geographic location. Med Flight NL does not provide elective or charter air ambulance transport services.

The Med Flight NL team is comprised of registered nurses and advanced or critical care paramedics. All flight members undergo intense critical care training specific to the air ambulance environment and are known as Medical Flight Specialists (MFS).
Med Flight NL has two bases of operation:  St. John’s and Happy Valley – Goose Bay.

When to Use This Service

The air ambulance program is primarily a critical care transport service for inter-facility transports between hospitals utilizing dedicated air ambulance planes. The physician caring for the patient will make the determination if a medevac is required. Inter-facility air ambulance requests must be made by the attending physician and are screened through our Medical Communications Centre for appropriateness and approval with the on-call flight physician. 

Helicopter services are available utilizing a number of government service contracted multi-purpose general utility helicopters. These helicopters can respond daytime during good weather and are located throughout the province (St. John’s, Gander, St Albans, Pasadena, and Happy Valley Goose Bay). 

Emergency helicopter response can be requested by anyone if there is an out of hospital medical emergency where local ground ambulance is not readily available.
With the activity of the air ambulance planes, and the work of the helicopters on other government services, an aircraft and/or MFS team may be anywhere throughout the province and available to respond.
Accessing this Service
Emergency - 911 or
Toll free line for air ambulance service requests - 1-877-709-0505.

If calling to request a response to an out of hospital medical emergency it is important to have as much of the following information available if possible:

  • Telephone number;
  • Incident location - if available provide GPS coordinates, highway number/name, nearest community, landmarks (lakes, rivers, etc);
  • Incident description and patient condition if known; and
  • Local weather and visibility conditions (wind, fog, rain, snow, etc.)

Contact Us
If you have an inquiry about air ambulance services please contact:
Corey Banks
Division Manager
Chris Harris
Scott Macdonald
Ian Winter
Operations Supervisor


Updated Dec 2, 2016