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Our Benefits, Your Success

Eastern Health's Employee Promise: Together We Can At Eastern Health, we believe in offering our employees competitive benefits, opportunities to grow and learn, and programs and services that support a healthy workplace.

Competitive Pay

Competitive Pay

Competitive Leave Entitlements Competitive Leave Entitlements
Comprehensive Life, Health and Dental Benefits Comprehensive Life, Health and Dental Benefits
Competitive Pension and Retirement Benefits

Competitive Pension and Retirement Benefits

Financial Supports

Financial Supports



Learning and Development

Learning and Development

Commitment to Excellence - Healthy Workplace

Healthy Workplace

Commitment to Excellence

Commitment to Excellence

Join the Team!

Join the Team 

Competitive Pay Competitive Pay
  At Eastern Health, we offer competitive salaries within the public sector. Our salaries are negotiated through the provincial collective agreement process.

Severance pay: Employees qualify after completing 9 years or more continuous service. They are eligible to receive one week of severance pay per year of service up to a maximum of 20 weeks upon resignation, termination without cause or retirement.

Deferred salary leave: This plan is designed to finance a leave of absence by deferring a percentage of salary over a number of years, which will pay a salary while on a period of leave up to one year.

Education differentials:  Managers who possess a Bachelors level degree or Masters level degree are eligible for a differential.  Additional course credits are applied for recognized courses where applicable.

Shift/weekend differentials:; Many employees, as negotiated in the collective agreement are offered an additional rate of pay for working outside regular work hours.
 Competitive Leave Entitlements Competitive Leave Entitlements
  Sick leave for unionized employees, as per the collective agreements, allows employees to accumulate sick leave benefits at the rate of one day per month for full time service or a prorated amount for less than full time.

Unionized employees may take anywhere from 4-6 weeks of vacation leave, depending on years of service.

Family leave and bereavement leave: our unionized employees may access 3 days of family leave per calendar year and 3 consecutive days of bereavement leave for an immediate family member (up to 4 days if out of province) and 1 day for an extended family member.

Management and management support staff receive paid leave, which is calculated on a fiscal year basis. Annual entitlements are based on the employees’ length of provincial government service. Individuals with less than 10 years receive 30 days of paid leave; 11-25 years, 35 days; and 25 or more years, 40 days.

Benefits such as annual leave, sick leave, service for salary step progression and service for severance are portable and can be transferred to Eastern Health from government or government entity employers.
 Comprehensive Life, Health and Dental Benefits Comprehensive Life, Health and Dental Benefits
  Eastern Health’s insurance program is negotiated provincially and is currently offered through Great West Life. The program is cost-shared, with the employer matching the employee’s contributions on employee life insurance and health insurance 50/50. For information on our insurance program, visit

 Competitive Pension and Retirement Benefits Competitive Pension and Retirement Benefits

Eastern Health offers employees pension benefits through the Public Service Pension Plan, with the employer matching the employee’s contributions 50/50.
Information is available on the Provincial Government’s website. Eastern Health offers employees pre-retirement planning seminars and advice.
Retirement under Public Service Pension Plan allows for continuation of cost-shared group insurance benefits such as health, life and dental.

 Financial Incentives Financial Incentives
  Eastern Health offers Canada Savings Bonds and RSP’s through payroll deduction.

Eastern Health employees can access corporate discounts from selected companies with payroll deduction for home and auto insurances and gym memberships.

Parking is free at most Eastern Health facilities; at our largest sites, parking permits are offered to staff at a minimal fee.

There is a kilometre reimbursement for work-related use of private vehicles.

Employees can access business insurance reimbursement when use of a private vehicle is a condition of employment.
 Recognition Recognition

Eastern Health’s recognition program is about providing employees with meaningful opportunities to be recognized for the significant contributions they make everyday in their jobs and in the communities we serve.

Service recognition:  We recognize and appreciate the commitment of employees who service the organization over an extended period of time.  Eastern Health formally recognizes employees with 25, 30, 35, 40 and 40+ years of service at annual service awards ceremonies.

Eastern Health formally recognizes retiring employees.

Eastern Health’s scholarship program assists staff and dependents who are pursuing post-secondary education. A call for applications goes out with scholarships awarded annually.

Our CEO Awards of Excellence are presented annually to deserving employees in six categories: Innovation, Service Excellence, Leadership Excellence, Mentoring, Safety, Community Capacity Building and Team Excellence.
 Learning and Development Learning and Development

Eastern Health has a learning culture: we have affiliations with post-secondary institutions, such as Memorial University of Newfoundland and the College of the North Atlantic, and we accept student placements nationally and internationally.

We offer numerous in-house training programs: Eastern Health employs Clinical Educators and Staff Trainers whose primary responsibility is to ensure new equipment, technology, processes, protocols and programs are introduced effectively in the workplace.

We offer split education leave or paid leave opportunities for study.

Financial support for education: All departments have a budget allocated to assist staff in attending external education events such as conferences and workshops. The amount of funding available varies by the size of the department.

For our Managers:

Our Management Development Fund supports managers who apply to attend external education events such as conferences and workshops.
  • Management employees have access to 5 paid study days for courses in a 12 month period.
  • Our Management Essentials series offers our managers in-house training on our leadership accountabilities.
 Healthy Workplace Healthy Workplace

We are committed to the health and safety of our employees with safety systems in place to: minimize workplace hazards, respond to incidents to prevent recurrence and inspect our areas to proactively address safety concerns.  Our OH&S Committees at each of our 40+ sites and worker representatives at our smaller locations are there as a resource for you and to address safety concerns and issues.

Eastern Health is proud to be smoke-free; we provide smoke free buildings and grounds.  We recognize that smoking cessation can be difficult and most people try many times before succeeding. Services are available to support employees in coping with nicotine withdrawal and with quitting through the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP). Eastern Health provides up to 80% reimbursement for approved Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT) and prescription medications, as well as referrals to the Smokers Helpline (SHL).

To help deal with personal problems associated with home and work life, employees and their family members can access our confidential Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP).  EFAP offers assistance in areas including addictions, coping with illness, family and parenting issues, financial concerns, grief and loss, marriage / relationship issues, mental or emotional health, spiritual issues and workplace issues.  This Employee and Family Assistance Program offers up to six one-hour counseling sessions and is 100% funded.

We provide a preventative immunization program that includes seasonal influenza vaccinations annually and other vaccinations as required and recommended by Public Health for Health Care Workers, free of charge.  We provide a booster of your immunization status on a regular basis free of charge.

Supports are available through our Attendance Management and Support Program should an illness or injury prevent you from attending work regularly.  We can assist you in improving and / or maximizing your health and fitness for work, communicate with your healthcare providers as appropriate, and provide accommodation recommendations to your manager. 

Your workstation not the right fit for you?  We can arrange for an ergonomic review of your workstation to ensure proper work station design.

Fitness facilities and equipment are available at many of our larger sites, and there are a number of employee-initiated fitness clubs throughout the region.
 Commitment to Excellence Commitment to Excellence
  Eastern Health has achieved Level 1 Healthy Workplace designation from the National Quality Institute. Our leaders have signed a Healthy Workplace Charter which states our goal to create a healthier workplace.
We are accredited by Accreditation Canada.
  • Leading practice – Breast Toxicity Management 
  • Eastern Health’s Lighthouse Grants support innovation and new approaches to the work of Eastern Health’s departments, programs, divisions, professional groups or teams. This includes introducing new approaches, new ideas, methods and devices; changes that create a new dimension of performance; or new ideas that needs to be implemented.
    Innovations that emphasize projects that impact on patient, client, resident care or well-being and the well-being of health care workers are particularly welcome.The awards are presented annually in June. Winners for 2010 include:
    • Autism:  Lighting the Way for Families and Professionals 
    • Bereavement Support Group:  Multi-Media Material Development
    • A Digital Communication Solution
    • A Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Support Program
    • Managing Challenging Behaviours of Patients with Traumatic Brain Injuries 
    • Aquatic Therapy as an Adjunct Treatment in Physiotherapy

  • Eastern Health is committed to Safer Healthcare Now!, an initiative of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute.
    • We experience continued success with initiatives such as Acute Myocardial Infarction Care, Prevention of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP), Prevention of Central Line Infections (CLI) and End of Life Care for critically ill patients.
    • We have expanded the surgical site infections initiative to include all our major sites, and continue to expand medication reconciliation throughout our organization.
    • In 2010, the ICU teams at Health Sciences Centre and St. Clares Mercy Hospital were recipients of the Healthcare Associated Infections Safer Healthcare Now! Award, sponsored by Cardinal Health
  • Individual and Team Awards
    • In 2009, the Janeway Children’s Health and Rehabilitation Centre, as part of the Canadian Paediatric Surgical Wait Time Project, was honoured with a Gold Leadership Award in the Healthcare category by the Institute of Public Administration of Canada.
    • The Organ Donor Program (OPEN) was one of 6 sites across the country presented with a certificate of recognition from Accreditation Canada for successfully completing the pilot test of the New Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplant Standards in June 2009.
    • Sonya Clarke, one of our Sterile Supply Technicians from Carbonear, was one of the first in Canada to successfully obtain National Certification for Medical Device Reprocessing.  
    • Our Laboratory, Occupational Health and Safety and Materiels Management departments were recognized in 2010 with a Silver Award from BD Medical for our investment in a product that provides a safer work environment for staff. The award was given based on our efforts to convert from conventional sharps to safety engineered-devices. 
    • Our online toolkit for managers was been recognized provincially and nationally as a lading communications practice in 2010 from both the Health Care Public Relations Association and the Newfoundland Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators.
 Considering Joining the Team? Considering Joining the Team?
  At Eastern Health, we are committed to building an organization that is an employer of choice. Come join our team of dedicated professionals!
  • Relocation assistance may be offered for newly hired employees.
  • Our orientation program at Eastern Health is paid.
  • Newly hired employees with previous relevant professional experience may be credited for years of experience and be placed on a higher step of the respective salary scale.

Our Human Resources Department has a Service Centre to handle all your pay and benefits inquiries.



Eastern Health's Employee Promise: Together We Can


Updated Jan 11, 2017