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Experience of Care Survey 2018-2019

The Experience of Care survey collects information from patients, clients, residents, and/or family members on their perceptions of the services they have received. The survey is a structured way of asking the people we serve how we are doing in areas such as respect, communication, and comfort. It also encourages respondents to rate their level of satisfaction with the care experience.
Measuring client experience is a very important part of client and family-centred care. Conducting these surveys is also consistent with the priority of Quality and Safety in our Strategic Plan. Eastern Health uses the information collected to make improvements to services, safety, and the care environment.
Experience of Care 2018-2019
The results immediately below are from our most recent survey, conducted between May and November 2018, and include all 13 Emergency Departments throughout Eastern Health
Areas of strength
Respondents indicated that they were:
  • treated with courtesy and respect 
  • treated with kindness and compassion
  • spoken to in a way that could be understood
  • listened to carefully by healthcare providers 
  • given a chance to ask questions 
  • given information or explanations needed about condition and treatment 
  • satisfied with the amount of time nurses spent with them
Areas for improvement:
Responses indicated that improvements could be made in:
  • having possible medication side effects described in an understandable way
  • understanding main health problem before leaving the Emergency Department
  • understanding what symptoms or health problems to look out for after leaving the Emergency Department 
  • follow-up care being discussed
  • feeling prepared to manage heath concern at home
  • pain reduction while in Emergency Department 
Overall satisfaction with care and services 
Overall satisfaction with care and services  
Do you have trust and confidence in the health-care providers who were treating you?
Do you have trust and confidence in the healthcare providers who were treating you 


Updated Nov 2, 2020