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Frequently Asked Questions - Extended Stay

Q: Will rates go up? 
A: No. Rates will remain the same.
Q:  What will be the cost to stay in the new accommodations? 
A: The current cost to stay in accommodations is $38 per night for a single room occupancy, $45 to stay per night in a double room occupancy and $65 per night to stay in a family room occupancy. 
Q:  If I’m receiving treatment, can my family members stay with me? 
A: Yes, family members will be able to stay with people receiving treatment just like the current hostel allows.  
Q:  I have a family member admitted in hospital. Can I still book a room and stay in the new accommodations? 
A: Yes, you are eligible to stay in the accommodations. The same guidelines currently in place at the Agnes Cowan Hostel will be in place in the new accommodations.  
Q: I’m from St. Pierre-et-Miquelon and require medical accommodations. Will I be allowed to stay in the new accommodations? 
A: Yes, the new accommodations are for any/all patients who are receiving health-care services and their family members.  
Q:  How will I get to the Health Sciences Centre for treatment or appointments? 
A: An on-demand shuttle service will be provided to the Health Sciences Centre between 6:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.  
Q: What if I want to stay past 5:00 p.m. at the Health Sciences Centre? How will I get back to the new medical accommodations? 
A: Eastern Health will look at those situations on an individual basis; however, we are reviewing the operating times of the shuttle service to determine if it’s working efficiently for our clients. If we need to adjust the timing of the service, then we will be open to making those adjustments. 
Q: What about parking for the new accommodations? Will it be free as it is now at the current hostel? If the new accommodations is offsite, will I have to pay for parking at the Health Sciences Centre? 
A: Those staying at the new accommodation will be provided with free parking there, same as the hostel provides now. Should you be staying at the new accommodation with a vehicle and need to go to Health Sciences Centre for treatment/services, clients can avail of shuttle services free of charge. If clients use their own vehicles, clients will need to park in paid public parking lots. 
Q: Will the new accommodations have internet, cable and telephone services? 
A: Yes, these services will be provided. 
Q: Where will I eat if there is no cafeteria service at the new accommodations site? 
A: Each room at the Extended Stay St. John’s comes equipped with kitchenettes including mini fridges, stoves and microwaves. Clients will have the ability to cook their own food/meals. There are also vending machines on site. In addition, Extended Stay St. John’s is near St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital where there are cafeteria services. 
Q: If the new accommodations is offsite from the Health Sciences Centre, what if I have a medical emergency during my stay? 
A: The Extended Stay St. John’s is very close to St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital which has an emergency department and the site is also located within 10 kilometres of the Health Sciences Centre. Clients will have to dial 9-1-1 should an emergency arise as they do now in the current hostel situation.  
Q: Will the new accommodations allow pets? 
A: The policy in the current hostel does not allow pets which will remain the same for the new accommodations. This accommodation includes people who are sick or in receipt of treatments. However, service animals are welcome. Management will require documentation of the service animal.  
Q: Will there be laundry facilities at the new accommodations? 
A: Yes, there will be coin-operated washers and dryers. There is also a regular housekeeping service as well. 
Q: Will there be accessible rooms available? 
A: Yes, the new accommodations will have some rooms designed as accessible, sized to meet health-care requirements with doors, corridors room, kitchenette, bathroom, fixtures and hardware designed accordingly.   
Q:  I’m on social assistance. Will there be any changes for me? 
A: Those clients on social assistance will not see any change in services. Any costs will continue to be provided by the Provincial Government. 
Q:  Will I still receive meal cards (for those on social assistance)? 
A: Meal cards are provided through the Provincial Government. We recommend that you call 1-833-729-6106 for any questions about meal cards or other services provided through the Provincial Government.  
Q:  How long will this new hostel arrangement be in place? 
A: We expect to provide this service at Extended Stay St. John’s for a minimum of three years and up to five years as necessary.  
Q: Will there be a closure or disruption of the hostel services in between the closure of the current hostel and moving to the new arrangement? 
A:  There will be no disruption of hostel services when the new accommodations opens and the Agnes Cowan Hostel closes.  
Q:  Will there be a new hostel built? 
A: The Provincial Government is leading the design and construction of the new adult mental health and addictions facility. Eastern Health will ensure that clients, patients and families, who require hostel services while receiving services at Eastern Health facilities, will continue to have access to living arrangements. 


Updated Oct 10, 2019