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Referral Process

A referral by a physician or nurse practitioner is required in order for a patient to access palliative care consultation services. Your family doctor or health provider will be able to guide you through this process. 
The palliative care nurse navigator receives all referrals and sets up an initial appointment. After the first consult, a follow-up appointment may be booked for the patient by the doctor or nurse practitioner. 
Completed Palliative Care Referral Forms should be sent via fax by a physician or nurse practitioner to the palliative care nurse navigator at 709-777-8970.
Once a patient has been referred to palliative care, s/he is eligible to become “pre-approved.” This means that the patient and their family have consulted with a representative from the palliative care team and have established that the patient meets the requirements for admission. One requirement is that the patient understands and is agreeable to the types of care provided in the Palliative Care Inpatient Unit
A patient who has been pre-approved can contact the palliative care unit when they are ready to be admitted. They will not be required to see a doctor or nurse practitioner again before admission to the unit. Admission is dependent on bed availability. 
If you are a health-care provider wishing to write a referral for a client, see Referral Process.


Updated Sep 28, 2017