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Provincial Focus

In some situations, palliative care services can be made available to clients from outside the Eastern Health region.
Who can be seen?
If a client is able to attend an appointment in St. John’s, s/he can be seen by Eastern Health Palliative Care Services.
Alternatively, if a patient from outside the region is in St. John’s for an appointment with another health-care provider, the team will try to accommodate the client during his/her stay in the city. Please contact the palliative care nurse navigator in advance .
Patients from outside the region must have a referral from their health-care provider in order to be seen by Eastern Health Palliative Care Services. 
How will care be continued when patients return home? 
Once patients are seen by Palliative Care Service in St. John’s, a copy of the consult report will be sent to their family physician for follow-up. Patients should continue to be seen by their family physician for follow up care. The family physician can contact the Palliative Care Services at any time throughout the hours of 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily.
Which services are available to patients living outside the Eastern Health region?
If a client or family member has a question about which services are available to them, s/he is encouraged to contact the Patient Care Navigator toll-free at 1-855-690-7303 to discuss the details of their individual situation. 


Updated Sep 27, 2017