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About Patient and Family-Centred Care

The Cancer Care Program’s Patient and Family Advisory Council is rooted in Eastern Health’s Client- and Family- Centred Care approach to improve health-care quality. The term “client” in Client- and Family-Centred Care also refers to patients and residents.
Patient- and family-centred care means delivering health care that is respectful, compassionate and is focused on the patient and family needs, values, beliefs and wishes. It also views patients and their families using health services as equal partners in planning, developing, monitoring and evaluating care.
Patient and Family Advisory Councils
Traditionally, patient and family advisory councils give patients and families a way to be active in improving health care. Council members often consist of patient volunteers, employees and physicians to provide a patient and family voice to improve experiences of care.
Patient and family advisory councils provide a collaborative approach to health care that shape policies, programs, facility design and staff day-to-day interactions. Advisory councils lead to better health outcomes, and greater patient and family satisfaction.


Updated Apr 4, 2017