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Advisory Councils and Partnerships

Advisory Councils
Client and family advisors play a valuable role in helping to ensure the best client experience at Eastern Health. Below is a list of advisory councils and partnerships which have been, or are in the process of being established. Please click on the links below to learn more: 

We’re now recruiting client and family advisors for: 

CFCC Advisory Council 
What is a CFCC Advisory Council?
A CFCC Advisory Council gives clients and families a way to be active in improving health care. 
Advisory councils consist of volunteer patients, clients, residents and family members who can provide a client and family voice, and who partner with staff and/or physicians to improve experiences of care.
CFCC advisory councils provide a collaborative approach to health care that shapes policies, programs, facility design and staff day-to-day interactions. CFCC Advisory Councils lead to better health outcomes, and greater client and family satisfaction.
CFCC Advisory Councils are one way to practice client- and family-centred care. Clients and families can engage with Eastern Health in a number of other ways including participating in experience of care surveys; providing feedback to health-care providers; and/or contacting the Client Relations Office.
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Updated Dec 9, 2020