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Information Collected

Each of the five cancer care registry programs that make up the Newfoundland and Labrador Cancer Care Registry (NLCCR) collects different types of data.
Cancer Screening Programs collect:
  • screening service information;
  • screening results; and
  • health information, such as an individual’s colorectal cancer history, cervical cancer history or breast cancer history.
Chemotherapy and Disease Tracking Programs collect:
  • treatment information; and
  • disease information.
Consent is not required to collect, use and share information in the NLCCR.  This information is needed to improve the quality of cancer care in Newfoundland and Labrador. 
The without-consent aspect is intended to ensure that the data maintained in the registry is complete and accurate in order to support the delivery of quality health-care services in the province. Special authorization of the NLCCR under the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA), supports the processes of collecting, using and sharing information.
If you have any questions or concerns about how or why the information is collected, used or shared as part of the NLCCR, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section on this website, or contact the program office at 1-844-777-4438.
Colorectal, Breast and Cervical Screening Programs:
Should you choose to withdraw from receiving communications from any of the provincial cancer screening programs, please contact the each of screening programs below:
Colon Screening
Breast Screening
Cervical Screening


Updated Oct 25, 2017