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The Program at Eastern Health

Joyful Listening

Joyful Listening focuses on the benefits of therapeutic intervention through the use of sound – music, podcasts and audiobooks. Joyful Listening is part of a multi-faceted approach to treat residents in nursing homes. 
Joyful Listening, previously known as Music & Memory, is an expanded program that is inclusive of all forms of therapeutic listening. While the previous program emphasized the use of personalized music to engage residents diagnosed with various types of dementia, Joyful Listening uses personal listening devices to bring therapeutic media (song, story and narration) to all individuals living in long-term care to improve their quality of life.  


Joyful Listening is available in 11 long-term care facilities across Eastern Health, as listed below. This implementation was possible through generous community support, including partnership with high schools and postsecondary institutions that resulted in the donation of dozens of personal listening devices.   

Updated Sep 9, 2019