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1) What’s Joyful Listening?

Joyful Listening is a program that brings personalized listening devices into the lives of residents living in long-term care facilities. Music, audio books, and podcasts are downloaded to personal listening devices to improve and enhance quality of life.  
2) What is a personal listening device?

A personal listening device is a type of mobile technology device that plays music, audio books, and podcasts, for example MP3 players, iPods, smart devices, mobile phones, etc.

3) How does Joyful Listening work?
Personalized playlists are created with different media, for resident’s enjoyment. Media libraries include audio books, radio shows or other podcasts and music, which can be downloaded or streamed online, through different web-based platforms. Podcasts are digital audio files available online for downloading, typically available as a series. Radio shows are usually available as podcasts. 
4) Will Joyful Listening be offered at all long-term care sites? 

Joyful Listening is currently available on 11 long-term care sites. Through ongoing partnerships, we hope to bring this therapeutic program to as many residents as possible.
10) I have an iPod I’d like to donate to this program, what do I do?
Joyful Listening relies on the support of the community to help us bring personalized media (music, audio books or podcasts) to residents living in long-term care, through used or new personal listening devices.  
If you have a personal listening device you’d like to donate to this program, please contact one of the 11 participating sites
Or, if you or a group/business you’re associated with would like to make a cash donation for the purchase of new devices, headphones, chargers or music cards to Joyful Listening at Eastern Health, please contact the Health Care Foundation:
Health Care Foundation
71 Goldstone Street, Suite 103

St. John’s, NL A1B 5C3
Office: (709) 777-5901
Toll Free: (877) 737-0228
Donations can also be made online at    
If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us via email at:

» Learn more on our Partnerships page.


Updated Sep 9, 2019