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The Benefits of Music & Memory
Joyful Listening enriches the lives of residents living in long-term care facilities.

Different health conditions, such as visual impairments and arthritis, as well as other age-related challenges, including dementia, can negatively impact quality of life of adults living in nursing homes.
Joyful Listening
 Joyful Listening
Therapeutic listening is a valuable treatment option for health-care professionals who care for residents, as it can: 
  • help to increase attention and cooperation,  
  • reduce resistance to care,  
  • reduce agitation, and 
  • enhance socialization. 
Evidence shows that familiar music can: 
  • reduce agitation 
  • lessen anxiety 
  • reduce pain 
  • lower blood pressure, and 
  • promote relaxation. 
Audio books can:  
  • provide distraction from pain, 
  • prevent boredom and loneliness, and  
  • continue cognitive stimulation.  
Podcasts can: 
  • provide a way to stay updated on a variety of topics and issues, and 
  • offer information and commentary on a wide-range of subject areas – politics, arts and entertainment, sports, comedy, home maintenance, investigative journalism, fashion and more.    

Updated Sep 9, 2019