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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the centre located?

On the site of the former Paradise Elementary school, 7 Mallow Drive, off Paradise Road.

Who are the youth who will be served by the Treatment Centre?

The youth at the centre will come from a wide variety of backgrounds and struggle with an array of complex mental health issues. Some may have a diagnosis such as depression, bipolar disorder, conduct disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). They may have a combination of mental health issues that cause them to experience self-harming behaviour or thoughts of suicide.

Most of the young people referred would have already received mental health services in the community; however, due to the seriousness of their issues they require a more intensive treatment environment to achieve their goals.

Some of these young people may have experienced trauma, abuse or have serious conflict within their family and may be having trouble coping as a result. Many of these young people will not have experienced success in the regular school system due to their particular issues or challenges and they may have major gaps in their learning.

Some may have used alcohol or other substances as a way of coping with problems or may have engaged in other risk taking or self-destructive behaviour; however, if addiction is their primary problem they will be referred to the treatment centre in Grand Falls-Windsor.

What is the length of stay?

The average length of stay will be six months, but can extend up to 12 months depending on individual need.

How are youth referred to the centre?

Youth are referred to the centre by a mental health professional. Referrals are then reviewed by an intake coordinator and presented to a provincial admissions committee to determine if the centre is the right fit for the youth or another type of service may be more appropriate.

What is the layout of the facili

The living quarters for the youth are divided into three separate spaces with four bedrooms each. Each unit also has its own living room, kitchen, laundry and so on, so the young people will be involved in meal preparation, doing their laundry and helping with household chores.

Eastern Health’s aim is to make each living area as homelike and comfortable as possible, while helping the youth develop the skills to deal more effectively with the issues that brought them to treatment.

What is the difference between the acute care psychiatric treatment offered at the J4-D Unit at the Janeway and the treatment to be provided at this centre?

The Janeway psychiatry program is a short stay assessment and stabilization unit for children and adolescents who are in an acute phase of their psychiatric illness and require hospital admission. The Paradise Youth Treatment Centre will provide intensive, residential treatment for youth who have ongoing complex mental health issues and who are unable to be safe and stabilized in the community. The Janeway psychiatry staff will work in close partnership with the centre and will be actively involved in identifying and referring youth upon discharge from the hospital, as required.


Updated Apr 13, 2015