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Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes are publicly funded facilities that offer care to people who need moderate to total assistance with daily functioning and daily on-site nursing care (three hours or more daily).

Care in a nursing home is provided based on individual care needs. Care needs may be related to an individual’s physical well-being (i.e. ability to walk, eat, bathe etc.), as well as their ability to think clearly and to remember. Some sites provide specialized care for those with dementia including secure units such as Wanderguard or a Protective Care Unit. Other individuals may have care needs which are best met on specialized units such as the complex care ( i.e ventilator care) or the young adult units. The type of care and services an individual needs determines which type of unit and which facility best meets his/her needs. 

Eastern Health monitors the region’s nursing homes to ensure compliance with the Long-Term Care Facilities in Newfoundland and Labrador, Operational Standards.

Also, Eastern Health is an accredited organization. The long-term care program met all, or 100 per cent, of the 96 criteria measured in the 2013 Accreditation Survey.
Nursing Home Sites

Delivery of nursing home services in Eastern Health is based on a number of partnerships and affiliations. There are thirteen (13) nursing homes providing different services and types of care:

Admission to nursing homes is coordinated by the office of placement services

Access to the Caribou Memorial Veterans Pavilion for qualifying veteran's is completed through Veterans Affair.

Eastern Health has a partnership with Chancellor Park Nursing Home
in St. John’s where a number of beds are accessed through placement services.

If at any time during your nursing home stay your level of care lowers, nursing home staff will discuss with you the possibility of transferring to a more appropriate care setting.

Financial assistance may be available for individuals who are having difficulties meeting the monthy rates of care costs. The nurse or social worker assisting you with your application can provide information on rates and the application process.

Moving to a Nursing Home

Moving to a nursing home is a big life change. To help you and your family prepare for the move and your new life, please review:
We recommend that you prepare for decision making by completing an Advanced Health Care Directive and Power of Attorney prior to your admission.

Frequently Asked Questions

We invite you to browse through our frequently asked questions (FAQs) section. 


Updated Oct 17, 2019