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Quality and Safety: Improving our culture of quality and safety
In striving to provide a caring and compassionate environment, Eastern Health’s Strategic Issue of Quality and Safety must be threaded throughout the organization.  Creating a strong culture of quality and safety provides a firm foundation throughout all program areas for the services and care provided, whether in the community, acute care sites or long-term care facilities.
Eastern Health’s Integrated Safety Plan, Safer Together, was refined during the previous planning cycle (2011-14), as this plan was the organization’s first attempt to formally align its safety resources and expertise in a comprehensive way.  The plan articulates how a safety culture is linked to all aspects of safety in the organization: patient safety, employee health and safety, policies, as well as safe equipment and buildings.  The purpose of the integrated plan is to contribute to improved safety outcomes by focusing on three fundamental directions:

(1) building an integrated safety strategy;
(2) strengthening the culture of safety; and,
(3) reducing harm and preventing injury. 

Implementation and review of Eastern Health’s Integrated Safety Plan will continue into 2017, as its impact is developing over time through a growing understanding of the new approach. 
During 2014-17, a key aspect of the Safety Plan will involve finalizing and implementing a Safety Culture Strategy.  Through a well-engrained culture of quality and safety, the client experience is also improved.  A significant aspect of quality and safety involves getting meaningful feedback on client experiences and using that feedback to continually learn and improve.  Through such means as surveys on client experience of care and community engagement sessions, Eastern Health is gaining valuable feedback that helps to shape programs and plans. 
Business continuity is also a significant aspect of a focus on quality and safety, as Eastern Health must be well-prepared to provide services within all circumstances (i.e., health emergency management).  Significant work has been undertaken to develop health emergency management plans to date; however further work is still required to formally develop and implement plans.  The organization has learned from previous circumstances and will continue to refine processes to be as prepared as possible for any eventuality.    

By monitoring a number of meaningful indicators through its Strategic Plan, Eastern Health will demonstrate how it is building a stronger culture of quality and safety throughout the organization and provide evidence that a focus on quality and safety is an integral part of how the organization operates on a daily basis.

Eastern Health’s priority of Quality and Safety supports and contributes to the Provincial Government’s Strategic Direction 3: Quality of Care and Efficiency (PDF)


Updated Jan 12, 2015