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Notice to Patients and Family

Eastern Health’s Cancer Care Program will be moving from a paper chart to a computerized health record system starting January 28, 2014.  A computerized health record system will improve efficiency and provide accurate real-time access to patient information, including medical history, diagnosis and plan of care. 

What you need to know: 
  • All patients will be required to register for the new system. As such, your first visit after January 27th may take longer than usual.
  • As patients will be asked a number of questions during the registration process, including allergy and medication information, please be prepared.
  • Health care providers will carry a computer or tablet to the examination room for computerized access to patient records.
  • The computer system has multiple layers of security and safe checks in place to ensure the security of electronic health information.
  • Health providers only have access to patient information that is relevant to their role in care.

We are committed to providing high quality cancer care. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Patient Care Coordinator, Cancer Care Program at (709) 777-8721.


Updated Jan 6, 2014